Dear Tate,

March 27, 2015

All the worries clouding your mind will not matter soon. Do you remember a year ago today? Your days as a Peace Corps Volunteer were coming to an end. You had to start figuring out how to say good-bye to friends you made during your service. You had to start your essays for your medical school applications. You had to figure out how to pay for your medical school applications. You had no idea what you were going to do for employment. You still hadn't figured out how to get your kitty back to the USA. You were overwhelmed. You were stressed. You wanted time to slow down.You cried, a lot.

And now...
You're in the USA (with your cat!). You have a job. You got into your top choice medical school. You're figuring it all out.

And all those new stressors? Those will be worked out as well.
One breath at a time, Tate.

That's how we'll handle it.

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