Our Utah Outing

March 31, 2015

We took a quick outing to Utah for a mini spring break - and it was amazing! M & I are currently living with Jon & Caitlin, so naturally, the four of us planned this trip together. We all have the Epic Local ski passes, which includes two Utah resorts, so we decided it would be fun to try out a few new resorts!

I am slightly obsessed with Arches National Park, and none of the others had been before, so I suggested that we make a stop on the way out. Everyone was on board with the idea. In order to make the most of our days off, we decided to leave at midnight and arrive at Arches by 5:30 AM for a sunrise hike.

We arrived right on schedule, threw some headlamps on, and set off in the dark. The sun was just beginning to rise as we got to Delicate Arch and the lighting was phenomenal. Naturally, I wanted to do some sun salutations and yoga poses in the early morning light.

A little bit of sunrise yoga :) 
The lighting demanded a photo session
After we did some yoga and took a mildly inappropriate amount of photos, we set off to hike in a different area of the park. We spent several hours exploring other rock formations and arches throughout the day, shedding clothing layers as we went along.

As you can see, we started off the day all bundled up in layers and by 10 or 11 AM, we were all stripping down. We had a delicious picnic lunch in the parking lot - and I won't lie, I may have eaten three chicken salad sandwiches. Nom, nom.
By early afternoon, we were ready to head out and make our way down the road to Salt Lake City. We were all exhausted when we got to the hotel, zonked out, and got ready for our first day out skiing. Canyons was our first resort to check out! I've never been spring skiing, so navigating in the slushy snow was new to me. Canyons also had a big event going on - pond skimming! People would dress up in costumes, ski/board down a hill, and try to skim across a pond of water to get to the other side. It was highly entertaining! We stopped to have a beer, eat some food, and enjoy the misfortune of those at the bottom of the pond. :)

The next day, the boys went off to ski at Alta while C & I explored SLC. We weren't too sure we wanted to pay for a day pass (it wasn't on our ski pass) and tackle some tough terrain - but the boys were excited about it! They had a great time and the photos tell me that they didn't have such horrible scenery....

That evening, the four of us ventured out to explore the Great Salt Lake. It was, exactly as you might expect. Really big & really salty :)

We all had one more ski day together at Park City before leaving SLC and we had a nice time on some better (less slushy) snow.

Our mini vacation was absolutely delightful. I always enjoy a little time off - especially in the company of such great people!

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