Remember when it was really fun?

April 17, 2015

I remember a time in the Peace Corps, when my dear friend Sarah looked at me and asked, "Have you ever heard of notes from the universe?" 


And so it began. She told me about this website that sends daily, personalized messages from the universe, straight to your inbox. At first, I thought it sounded a bit silly, but I agreed to try it. And you know what? 

I LOVE IT. It's one of my favorite things. I always love to read them! I dare you to check out the website... and I think you might just love it as much as I do. 

Here's my note from today... 
Remember when it was really fun, Tate, to catch raindrops on your tongue, walk under archways because they were there, and roll around in the sand at the beach? To go all the way to the store for a tiny treat, lie on the grass looking for "God" in the clouds, and make scary monster faces in the mirror? To watch the stars because they were winking at you, count the flowers in the garden by the door, and put Cocoa Puffs up your nose?
Well, Tate, I'm happy to inform you, most of it still is.
    The Universe

I love it so much I've added a side bar on my blog from the Universe with daily inspiration. You're welcome. :)

Easter WOD

April 13, 2015

Over Easter weekend, M & I participated in the Easter WOD (workout of the day) held by our crossfit gym, Crossfit Undeniable. We had a great turnout and a whole lot of fun! Here's how it worked....

Everyone had a partner. I partnered up with my dear friend, Heather, who is married to Todd. M & T really love each other, so the men decided the partner together as well. When the workout began, partner #1 would skip to find an egg while partner #2 remained behind to either hold a plank, flutter kick, or do jumping jacks. Once partner #1 skipped back to partner #2, the egg was opened to reveal the workout. If anyone was caught running instead of skipping - 20 burpess! Five separate workouts found in eggs had to be completed to finish the Easter WOD!
Here is a list of the workouts H & I found in our eggs...
  • Workout #1: 2 rounds, 800 m run relay (in other words, 1 mile run each)
  • Workout #2: 100 burpees (50 each)
  • Workout #3: 100 Overhead Squats (50 each)
  • Workout #4: 2 rounds each of 12 Candlestick Tuck Jumps & 24 Parallette Shoot Throughs (24 candlestick tuck jumps & 48 shoot throughs each)
  • Workout #5: 200 m Tire Drag (one each)Everyone received different workouts depending on what was inside the egg they found. Our men had very different workouts you can see below! (Please note M's brilliant skipping while holding the Easter basket).

And a few more photos of our workouts...

M+T came in first and H+I came in third (but first of the women!) out of all the partners in the Easter WOD. It was a fun, friendly WOD for everyone who came to participate. I had a great time!

And in case good friends and crossfit aren't enough for some people... how could you NOT love this sweet lil pup who came to cheer us on? He belongs to one of the coaches and I am absolutely in love with this pooch.

Hope everyone else had a delightful Easter weekend! 
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