26 Favorite Moments

May 7, 2015

In honor of turning 26, I compiled 26 of my favorite memories or moments from the last 365 days. This past year marks the biggest transition year of my life. Adjusting to life back in America was not quite as easy as anticipated, but it came with a lot of wonderful memories just the same. This year of my life looks a whole lot different from any other years I've experienced, especially when I look back to my list from when I turned 23, (although you'll notice that I have a thing for babies learning to walk! - see #25 on this list and #11 from my other list) 


  1. After a little over 2 years, I wrapped up my service in Peace Corps Botswana, said some awfully tearful goodbyes, and left the African continent with new life lessons and perspectives. 
  2. Bathing/Swimming/Doing some yoga in the Holy Ganges River in India 
  3. Completing my 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India with my dear friend and fellow Botswana RPCV, Mignon
  4. Day trip in Japan during a layover - can't complain! 
  5. Coming home from my time abroad and being with my family again
  6. Kissing Michael after returning from the Peace Corps (celebrating our ability to faithfully love each other throughout two years of a VERY long distance relationship) and going to see the Goo Goo Dolls at Red Rocks that night.  
  7. Being reunited with Kibi when I came home - - I sent Kibi on a plane to the USA and Michael very lovingly took care of my kitty while I was doing my yoga training in India. I was so happy to get back home and love on that lil' furball! 
  8. Spending some quality play time with my brother in Fort Collins
  9. Making moves! I moved in with Michael when I came home and we had our first apartment together. I promise he wasn't ALWAYS napping on the couch. But Kibi was always creepily staring if he did :) 
  10. Meeting Kai's class - Kai was one of the kiddos I nannied for years during my undergrad. His teacher worked with me during my time in the Peace Corps and I was their class pen pal. We wrote about culture and life in Botswana. The questions they came up with were priceless! This is a photo of me with Kai before his class came over to meet me. One kid said, "You're Tate!? Like, really, YOU'RE the Tate we saw in the photos?!" No big deal guys - I'm a celebrity among small children in Fort Collins. 
  11. My dad's side of the family all gathered for a big family reunion in Akron - with plenty of food to go around! 
  12. Tour de fat in Fort Collins - believe it or not, this was my first year to participate. We dressed up as the Mario Brothers and had an amazing day. Look closely - You'll see the fanny pack I brilliantly decided to strap to my bike, which later hit my tire and caused me to flip OVER my handle bars and onto my face. Cheers to that - we all had another beer. 
  13. Spending time in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains with my grandparents and looking at all the beautiful leaves changing colors 
  14. After not having my best friend around, our weekly dinners/play dates were some of my favorite fall occasions. I love you Lizzy! 
  15. I went on a road trip to Arkansas with Michael and his brothers to go visit his family. We ate way too much, played at the farm, and enjoyed his family's company!  
  16. A great sigh of relief - receiving my first acceptance to medical school! This may be one of my favorite feelings of all time - the moment when I realized all my hard work paid off and I get to be a doctor! So. Freaking. Fun. 
  17. Michael surprised me and bought a ticket for Kate to come visit over Halloween weekend. We dressed up as trolls for halloween and just loved on each other every other moment she was in CO. 
  18.  I was invited to be the keynote speaker at the Douglas Country School District Student Council Conference. I had the opportunity to share my experiences after graduating from high school and how the skills I developed in student council helped me get there.I also taught yoga breakout sessions throughout the day to teach students how to manage their stress and get more exercise in their daily lives. It was so fun to see how much I've changed since I was in their shoes! 
  19. Spending Thanksgiving/Christmas at home with my family after so many years of being without them 
  20. I was accepted to three medical schools (hurray!) and I had to make a choice before Christmas to put down a deposit to save my seat in the class. After long and careful debate, I chose to stay in Colorado and attend Rocky Vista University. I made little scratch cards for my family to guess where I chose to go to school - and surprised them with my decision! 
  21. My first full season of skiing! First season pass, first pair of skis.. and definitely hooked on many more seasons to come. 
  22. Several Botswana Returned Peace Corps Volunteers happened to be in CO at the same time around new years, so we had a mini reunion in Idaho Springs. So much fun to be in the company of these fabulous people! 
  23. After months of saying I wouldn't love it - I tried Crossfit and completely fell in love. I'm so hooked. It has become a favorite part of my day! 
  24. I went on a trip to Utah with Michael and two of our dear friends in March. We had the chance to visit Arches National Park and doing some yoga at sunrise absolutely filled my heart with joy.
  25. I've been working as a nanny for this lil' nugget since I came home from the Peace Corps. I've been with her since she was about 4 months old, and watching Annabelle take her first steps was such a beautiful moment. I'm such a proud nanny!  
  26. And finally - two sweet baby goats were born on my birthday! My mom's goats have had babies every year that I've been away from home, so this is my first year to see the babies. I kept saying the goats would wait for my birthday to give birth .... and meet Daisy and Daffy (Daffodil) - seriously two of my favorite birthday presents... ever! (and I got to name them!) :) 
This year was full of wonderful moments that I will always cherish. I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for me! 


  1. Such good memories. Congrats on documenting them. Mary Sue

    1. Thank you, Mary! It was fun to pull all the memories together in one place. I hope you are doing well!:)


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