Ready for the Next Chapter

July 10, 2015

Hello everyone...

I'm still here. I'm breathing again. The last few weeks were a complete whirlwind.

I packed up yet another place we called home for a few months.
I said goodbye to the sweetest little girl and her parents, ending my time as her nanny.
I moved to our new forever home (at least during school).
I got all settled. All nested. And if you know me, that took a WHILE.

I finally took a bubble bath by candlelight.
I finally started going to CrossFit again.
I finally started to feel like ME.

So, yes. Here I am. And the next whirlwind begins on Monday.

My pre-matriculation course begins on Monday, which was recommended for anyone who has been out of school for a while (that's me. over four years now!).

Orientation begins on July 20.

Real classes begin on July 27.

And so, I'm breathing. And finally, FINALLY, feeling ready for this next chapter.

Stay with me! I promise I'll have updates.
It's so darn exciting (and slightly unbelievable) that I get to begin this next chapter as a medical student, in Colorado no less, and start following the path I always wanted to head down.

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