White Coat Ceremony

July 25, 2015

Today was our official white coat ceremony. Lining up before the processional with a white coat in my hand all felt very surreal. But somehow... here I am!

The ceremony went well and I really enjoyed the keynote speaker [if you were unable to attend and want to watch, click here to watch on youtube! Skip to 1 hour 26 minutes - 1 hour 28 minutes if you want to watch me awkwardly place my arms in the coat :) ] There appears to be a common theme across all the speeches I heard today and the past few weeks... medical school is going to be really difficult, but absolutely worth it.

Four at a time, my peers and I were presented with our white coats. And yes, that took a long time. And yes, I was very near the end of that list.

Receiving my white coat
Once everyone had their white coat, we took the osteopathic oath as a group. This oath was modified from the hippocratic oath and I'll be revisiting these words throughout the next four years and again at graduation. It was an amazing feeling to recite the words and realize the responsibility I'll have from here on out.

It's an odd feeling to describe. I've worked so hard to get to where I am today, but the reality of my life as a medical student hasn't entirely sank in quite yet (although I'm sure it will by the end of my first week of classes!). The next four years are filled with unknowns and it seems a little terrifying to take the first step. Classes begin Monday morning... so that first step is right around the corner.

Following the ceremony, we had friends and family over to the house for a small celebration. There was no shortage of food or good company. Thank you to everyone who came by and for those who have supported me from afar. I love each of you dearly! This is going to be a crazy journey!!!

Daddy & Grandma Allie
All my grandparents together in a photo - - say what!?
Grams & Gramps 
Mom, Reve & Grandparents
Momma & Reve
Terry & Sarah
The greatest momma in all the land 
Sweet Reve! 
After the white coat ceremony

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