The Fragility of Life

August 8, 2015

This week has brought many things to my attention, but nothing more than this: life is so very fragile. During lecture, we are learning about all kinds of disorders caused by teeny-tiny little alterations to portions of the DNA that can cause life-altering birth defects. One small little mistake can lead to a child inheriting a disease that will change the course of their life forever. Legs fusing together, absence of a limb, mental retardation.... JUST ONE SMALL THING. What's even crazier than that is the fact that so many of those things happen by chance. I truly believe it is a miracle for babies to be born healthy and maintain their health for decades in the future. Your body is constantly trying to maintain its health - it does so much! Our health is such a gift that we often take for granted. 
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Healthy babies fill my heart with joy and this week a dear friend of mine in Botswana just had a healthy, baby boy. It is her third child and she is hands down one of the most amazing women I've ever been lucky enough to know. She's a great mother and I'm just thrilled to celebrate the news of her sweet baby boy. His life and health are such a miracle. 

And unfortunately, on the flip side of the week, I've had a dear family friend pass away. Cancer took over and took her life today, which just reminds me of how fragile everything truly is. She was a dear friend, role model, and leader. I know so many people who love her and will be left with deep sadness from her death. 

It's a miracle to have health, it's a miracle to maintain health and live a fulfilling life, and it's a miracle to be able to do all those things with people you love. The art and science that combine to create health is such a beautiful thing. 

Make note of the fragility of life and be thankful for all the days we have. 
RIP Christie... your life was well lived and you are so very loved. 

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