Photo Series [September]

September 30, 2015

Bear was ready for bed

Sushi date with this handsome fellow

the little things that make me so happy
Target, A+ marketing
A taste of what life looks like most days
My beautiful home 
Playing with the bone box on a Saturday night.
I know how to have a good time. 
NO mom. Look at me
Can you spy my favorite book?
Enjoying some late summer produce.
I'll be posting an update on my meal-planning soon!
Hint: If you chose the Netter's coloring book as my fave,
you were correct. 
My first "patient"... listening to baby Luca's heart! 
Kibi's (least) favorite mode of transportation
We've had quite a few long nights
studying for anatomy together...
It turns out they think I can be a doctor... :) 
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A Taste of Freedom (from Medical School)

September 27, 2015


I had no new material to study over the weekend since my exams were on Friday. It was a weekend free from studying, and oh-how-sweet it was! I enjoyed every minute I got to spend with my loved ones. It was such a nice change from my weekends full of studying...

Friday evening I got to spend time with two of my closest girlfriends from growing up. Sweet Christina had baby Luca several weeks ago and Friday marked our first girl's night with the three of us... plus baby Luca. We gave him his first "big boy" bath since his umbilical cord fell off and he was a champ. No tears or anything... and guys, there is just nothing better than a clean, snuggly baby. We had dinner together, watched some chick flicks and TV episodes, chatted over some glasses of wine, and passed baby Luca back and forth. We just can't get enough!

Mommy & Son post-bath time
The norm + baby 
Stealing some snuggles  
I just can't handle the little man's face. He wasn't having it. 
Michael came to meet Luca for the first time
On Saturday, we all had breakfast together and then I headed home to get some stuff done. I did laundry, cleaned the house, had a chance to FaceTime with the sweet family I used to nanny for, and got ready to go to Oktoberfest with some friends. We had a lovely time stuffing our faces with food, enjoying a few adult beverages, and remembering that there's a life outside of medical school :)

We enjoyed ourselves. Please note that a year ago at
Oktoberfest, I never would have eaten a turkey leg.
On Sunday, I got to sleep in (YES!), go to the grocery store, and go on a hike with my momma. A perfectly laid back Sunday. The hike was delightful. Just my mom & I... and we had the chance to talk about life and death, all of the unfolding mysteries in life, and what we both want to do when we grow up. We've both decided we'd like to do something rewarding, help others, and most importantly, rejoice in every moment we have to be alive. 

Bear enjoyed himself on the hike as well 

Spending time with Mommy 
Oh so lucky to live in a place like this

I'm so very lucky to live close to my family and friends. This weekend was so good for my soul. Tomorrow, I'll be back at it!

September Studies

September 25, 2015

Hello again,

I can't believe September has basically slipped away. My last post was at the beginning of September and now October is right around the corner. Where does the time go?

Well, time is certainly flying by around here. Our immunology block ended the second week of September and we promptly began anatomy. Naturally, I got sick during our immunology class, so I went through many -a-tissue and day-quill tabs. Glad that's over with!

I was warned that once anatomy started, any semblance of free time would disappear. And that's correct. I find myself at a point in medical school where things just start piling up.... I have my normal stresses and tests with whichever block class I'm in (which is anatomy right now), cadaver lab for anatomy, labs for both osteopathic medicine and clinical medicine, tests for my core classes (informatics, ethics, clinical medicine and osteopathic medicine), and all the other little assignments/quizzes that get thrown in on top. That's a recipe for not a lot of free time. Talk about time management!

The past 24 hours have been a whirlwind... which is why I'm about to finish typing and take a nap :) I had a standardized patient encounter yesterday afternoon, a written anatomy exam, and a practical anatomy cadaver lab exam this morning. My brain is demanding some rest.

The standardized patient encounter was really fun. People from the community are paid to come in and act like patients for us to practice our clinical skills. The sessions are video-taped, the actor provides feedback after our exam about how well we did, and we later have to evaluate our own performance. It can be painful to watch yourself on video! :) Nonetheless, I have found it to be a great way for me to evaluate my clinical skills. Yesterday, we had a 20 minute patient encounter, 15 minutes to write a SOAP note (basically a note that summarizes what's going on with the patient), and 10 minutes of feedback. I wore my snazzy white coat, got all dressed up, and played doctor with my new (and very expensive) medical equipment. I took a full history, obtained vitals (pulse, blood pressure), did a full dermatological exam, an osteopathic exam, and wrote up a SOAP note. It went well overall and I had a lot of fun! (p.s. he had lyme disease!)

Then today, we had two anatomy exams (written and practical). I'm especially excited about our anatomy block because I'm such a visual person and it's nice to be studying something on a larger scale (compared to studying proteins within a cell!). We will start the upper limb on Monday, which means that I have a FULL WEEKEND to myself. No test on Monday. HORRAY! I'm so excited. I'll be spending the weekend with friends, cute babies, drinking a few adult beverages, and potentially hiking in the mountains. A well-deserved break!

I'm planning to do a "day-in-the-life" post in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes open for that one, and I'll do my best to keep on updating the blog whenever I have free time! I'm off to catch some zzz's and start enjoying my weekend.

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Photo Series [August]

September 1, 2015

In all the madness, there is still so much beauty. In a lazy attempt to keep you updated... this post will be mostly photos. I think this will be something I do more often. 

We went to our friend Matt & Lauren's wedding - it was beautiful and so much fun! We're talking Beau Jo's pizza, photo booth, bouncy castle, poi fire spinning, techno dancing kind of fun.... 
MAC & I at Matt & Lauren's Wedding 
Test messages that sum up the story of my life most days
my rock - he keeps me smiling 
one of the many paintings my grandpa left behind for us
Celebrating the life of my grandfather  

photos from our family gathering to celebrate my grandfathers life 
med school life
my fabulous friends who help me through med school 
Fabulous friends - 1 (we can clean up alright)
Happy birthday to Luca William! 

TLLC - such a beautiful moment with two of my best friends 
A sweet miracle

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