Photo Series [August]

September 1, 2015

In all the madness, there is still so much beauty. In a lazy attempt to keep you updated... this post will be mostly photos. I think this will be something I do more often. 

We went to our friend Matt & Lauren's wedding - it was beautiful and so much fun! We're talking Beau Jo's pizza, photo booth, bouncy castle, poi fire spinning, techno dancing kind of fun.... 
MAC & I at Matt & Lauren's Wedding 
Test messages that sum up the story of my life most days
my rock - he keeps me smiling 
one of the many paintings my grandpa left behind for us
Celebrating the life of my grandfather  

photos from our family gathering to celebrate my grandfathers life 
med school life
my fabulous friends who help me through med school 
Fabulous friends - 1 (we can clean up alright)
Happy birthday to Luca William! 

TLLC - such a beautiful moment with two of my best friends 
A sweet miracle

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