Photo Series [September]

September 30, 2015

Bear was ready for bed

Sushi date with this handsome fellow

the little things that make me so happy
Target, A+ marketing
A taste of what life looks like most days
My beautiful home 
Playing with the bone box on a Saturday night.
I know how to have a good time. 
NO mom. Look at me
Can you spy my favorite book?
Enjoying some late summer produce.
I'll be posting an update on my meal-planning soon!
Hint: If you chose the Netter's coloring book as my fave,
you were correct. 
My first "patient"... listening to baby Luca's heart! 
Kibi's (least) favorite mode of transportation
We've had quite a few long nights
studying for anatomy together...
It turns out they think I can be a doctor... :) 
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