A Day In The Life : First Year Medical Student (Anatomy Block)

October 12, 2015

I'm excited to share my new day in the life post! You can check out some of my past "day in the life" posts here and here.  I documented a typical day in my life last week and I'm finally getting around to posting it today :) I had two anatomy exams today so I'm at a point where I can take a break to write about my normal life. So here goes! Here's a breakdown of a day in the life of a first year medical student during their anatomy block.... 

6:40 A.M. || Time to wake up! Fitbit was proud of me for exceeding my sleep goal (7 hours). I've been getting about 7.5 hours of sleep a night, so don't let people tell you you can't do well in med school AND get sleep at night! 

6:57 A.M. || Review muscle actions and innervations for anatomy while blow-drying my hair and getting ready for school. 

7:25 A.M. || Coffee, green smoothie, and lunch are all ready to go! 

7:30 A.M. Let Bear dog in from going potty, put him in his kennel, gather all my stuff for school. 

7:35 A.M. || Leave the house to get to school for my first lecture at 8 A.M. 

8:00 A.M. || First lecture of the day: eye exam for my clinical medicine class. We learned all about how to do a proper eye exam and properly annoy our patients by shining bright lights into their eyes. 

8:55 A.M. || During my break between classes, I ran up to the locker room to put my (!) clean anatomy scrubs away. 

9:00 A.M. || The beginning of my two hour lecture about the joints of the upper limb for my anatomy class. 

9:53 A.M. || Snack time during my ten minute break :) 

10:47 A.M. || Our lecture about joints of the upper limb ended a few minutes early, so our anatomy professor took the extra time to review past material we've covered... like scapular anastomoses! What fun! 

10:56 A.M. || My friend (and housemate) Katie and I take laps around the school during our breaks between lectures. We usually walk the hallways and take the stairs while chatting during our few minutes of freedom. 

11:02 A.M. || Yup, medical students like doughnuts too, ok? I may have gotten a little excited over sprinkled doughnuts and pumpkins spice coffee at the store while grocery shopping. Not a bad way to indulge during another hour of lecture... 

11:05 A.M. || One more hour of lecture about the mechanics of the foot and ankle for my osteopathic principles and practices class. 

12:05 P.M. || We have an amazing faculty member who brings in his two dogs for pet therapy. The two golden retrievers are available for us to pet and love on! This is Dillon. We're buds. I try to make a habit of going to say hello whenever they're around - they can certainly brighten your day! 

12:37 P.M. || Reviewing the muscles of the hand while eating my lunch in the library. I can't quite remember... but I think I had a chicken pesto sandwich :) 

Photo from: rvu.edu

1:00-3:00 P.M. || Osteopathic Principles and Practices Lab. We had a lab to learn osteopathic techniques to treat foot and ankle issues that we had discussed during our morning lecture. Having people touch my feet is one of my least favorite activities.. but my partner and I survived. 

Photo from: rvu.edu

3:00-5:00 P.M. || Anatomy lab. We dissected the hand during this lab (all the more reason to study during lunch)! 

*DO NOT CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING LINK IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE LOOKING AT REAL PHOTOS OF HUMAN DISSECTION ** However, if you're interested in anatomy dissection, you can check out my school's anatomy webpage here, here, and here, to see exactly what I was working on that day (the last two links are animated... so be patient while looking at those links if you want to see things labeled on the hand) Pretty cool stuff, if you ask me! 

5:35 P.M. || Back at home. Look at the beautiful colors! I love that the leaves are changing. Eat dinner, decompress/talk to Michael, feed Bear, and get ready to study again. 

6:15 P.M. || Study time in my study space! I typically compile my notes from each lecture of the day to create a summary. Study, study, study. It's what I do. Oh, and I preview the material for the lectures the next day. It helps a lot in medical school to look over the information once before it's presented to you in lecture. 

8:57 P.M. || Begin reviewing the information about the eye exam from my lecture in the morning. I typically have a clinical medicine lab the day after the lecture to learn the practical skills of how to actually conduct the exam... so reading over the info again is essential! (We usually have a quiz over the material during class too) 

11:03 P.M. || Crack open the histology book to read up on the histology of nervous tissue. We covered that topic the week before, but 11:03 P.M. is a great time to brush up on the details that were a little confusing. 

11:44 P.M. || Teeth are brushed and I'm ready for some sleep! Good night, Fitbit. 

Fitbit stats for the day: 6,557 steps, 7 hours and 43 minutes of sleep, 55 oz water, 26 "active minutes" (I didn't do a workout that day, so all those active minutes were just from walking)

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