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November 5, 2015

Waiting for ski season! and winter break. and egg nog. and christmas lights. and all the holiday things.

Participating in a secret sister gift exchange. It's so much fun. And who doesn't love fun mail and presents? Spreading joy is the best.

Snacking on dark chocolate and chile spiced mango from trader joe's.

Drinking excessive amounts of coffee out of my new favorite mug.

Laughing at this video we saw at school during a lecture today. Because it's hilarious. And oh-so-true. And really, I don't know.

Pretending to go to never-never land with Michael for Halloween.

Trying to keep my head above water in medical school. 

Saying goodbye to my best friend as she prepares for her next life adventure in Dallas, TX. I'm going to miss you so much, Lizzy!

Cheering for Michael at his recent Crossfit Competition in Boulder, CO. I'm so proud of him! 

Learning how difficult it is to say "NO" to seeing friends and be selfish with my time during medical school. (P.S. I'd much rather hang out with friends - but studying has to take priority sometimes)

Celebrating Bear's birthday with a steak dinner, pup-cakes, and some good friends. We all had a great time. Can you tell? 

Snuggling with sweet baby Luca any chance I can! (separate days. One stolen photo by Christina while I studied my EKG book)

and while we're talking about it...
Obsessing over the simplicity of my book, Rapid Interpretation of EKG's. It's incredible.

Appreciating where I'm at in life. Things are CRAZY, but things are good.

Happy November to you and yours! 

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