9 Favorite Items for Medical School

January 11, 2016

1. MacBook Pro. I always had a PC in undergrad, so I was a little nervous about making the switch. I took a plunge and bought a Mac for school and I'm oh-so-glad I did. There are just no words to truly explain how much more I love my computer now that it's a Mac. I have had some frustration with my school not wanting us to have Mac's, but overall, the pros outweigh the cons with this one.

2. Headphones. Headphones. Headphones. I am not sure I could cope with life without these :) They are an expensive investment, but I have them with me every day. It's incredible to be able to tune everything out when I need to get work done. My school also allows us to use noise-cancelling headphones during exams, so I don't have to listen to people sniffle and wiggle around. They. Are. Gold.

3. Spiral Binder. This is another item that was really expensive initially, but I can't imagine going through school without it. I use this to bind all of my notes for each class and it keeps me so organized. I have spiral bound notebooks for each exam I've taken and if I ever need to look back at anything from previous class, I know exactly where to find it. I'll write another post about how I do all of that crazy organizing!

4. Get To Work Book. This is the planner I've been using and I couldn't possibly love it more than I do. On of my favorite bloggers created this planner and she has been wildly successful! If you're a paper planner type of human (my kind of human!), seriously consider checking this out. It organizes my life... every last detail.

5. Bookstand. I use this daily. It's really handy to have a bookstand so you can reference other books, texts, hand outs, etc. without having it clutter up your desk space. It's a great spot to put summaries or overviews that you want to look at frequently too!

6. Hour Glass. This is a recent addition to my desk, but I'm loving it already. It reminds me to take study breaks every hour and keeps me from needing to keep my phone near me. My phone distracts me and this hour glass is pretty reminder to work toward my goal for the hour. It's like a race to see how much I can get done in an hour... fun looks different to everyone, ok?

7. Soda Stream.  A soda stream may seem silly.. but hear me out. I really enjoy sparkling water. I don't ever make soda with it, just sparking water. It's a very refreshing beverage and I usually pour it into a fancy glass to pretend my life is more exciting than it actually is. Sparkling water and studying is where it's at folks...

8. Alarm Clock. M might make fun of me for even listing this because I just hate alarms of all varieties. However, I hate this one less. It's an alarm that gradually gets lighter to wake you up with light, instead of noise. Not so great in summer, but really helpful in the winter. And to the sleepy heads like me, a noise alarm comes on eventually if you're just covering your eyes with your blanket to avoid reality.

9. Washi Tape. Washi tape appeals to my OCD tendencies. I can color coordinate all the things. And it makes my heart happy. It's super easy to make tabs in your notes/books with it too!

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