Tell The World I'm Coming HOME

January 22, 2016

I've been watching ticket prices for what feels like ages.
And finally, FINALLY, the universe decided I could find flights.

With my reward points, I just spent $7 for my round trip flight from New York to South Africa.
Yes, that means I'll still have to pay for a round trip from here to New York.
Yes, that means I'll have to take long bus rides to Botswana.

But above all else?

I'M GOING HOME. I have two sweet weeks to visit my loved ones in Botswana this summer and soak up some time with them before I walk down the aisle and marry my best friend.

BOTSWANA, I'm coming home.
Ke itumelela thata!



  1. so excited for you!!! what a wonderful thing when all the pieces (ticket prices) fall into place! can't wait to hear all about it when you're back!!!

    1. Thank you lovely! I'm so excited. You'll probably have your little one while I'm abroad!!! I'll be so happy to see the three of you over the summer when I'm home :) xo

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