Everything You Will Ever Need

April 4, 2016

The other day, my sweet brother emailed me this poem he wrote me - along with an older photo he took of me in the mountains. My brother is full of wisdom... and his words just seemed to sit right with me. Maybe they will strike you too. I love you, TJV.

* * * * *

Everything you will ever need - already resides within you…

Its not a matter of striving for your goal, it is a matter of opening up, unfolding, exposing what you already are

we have free will, we have the choice not to become what we already are

i see it in others and i can see it in myself too….

a haze over the eyes, a laziness, and unwillingness to fulfill their fullest potential

a contentment with the material world, and an avoidence of really penetrating their mind and nurturing their soul

go forth boldly, joyously, have no fear because in some weird way you know your journey has already been run, some how you have been here before, just walking the steps that already existed inside you
written by my sweet brother

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