Ikea Hack : Standing Desk

February 3, 2017

Medical school = studying = a lot of sitting. And that sucks.

I got really sick of it, felt inspired by this short article, and decided to make my own standing desk. 
I made this back in November & I have absolutely loved it! I was talking to a friend about it a few days ago and I figured it was time for me to write a quick post about it in case anyone else wants to know how easy it is to make this happen! 

Here's all you need to do. 

1. Head to Ikea and look for the following items: 
  • Lack Side Table (I bought two)
  • Ekby Valter Bracket (you'll need two - I can't remember if they are sold in a pack of two or individually)
  • Some kind of shelf. (I couldn't find the exact one the article listed - so just look for a shelf at ikea that would be the length you need. We ended up buying one that was longer than we wanted and cut it in half.) 
2. Find some tools, screws bolts, washers, and nuts. The legs of the lack side table are hollow, so I found that this was the best way to deal with it. Attach the brackets to the lack side table (bolts, washers, and nuts) and the shelf (screws). 

image of the back of the legs of the lack
table after the brackets were attached
3. Consider getting some extra strips to fasten to the back legs of your standing desk. It can be front heavy, and if you're like me and have a cat --- the desk isn't quite sturdy enough for extra weight on the front shelf (he definitely thinks the desk was built for him). Adding these to the back legs works like a charm - and if I want to move my standing desk, I still can :) 

4. I love having an extra lack table next to the one I screwed the brackets and shelf onto... it just gives me more space and allows me to still easily use my dual monitor. 

ANDDD a big thank you to M. Because let's be honest, he was the one who put all of this together. But ladies, it's still an easy project all on your own. :) 


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