Staying Grounded

March 15, 2017

Life, as of lately, has been really out of control.
School is crazy. Family is crazy. Life. Just. Gets. Crazy. 

I really love routine. I love to have balance. I love to feel grounded. 
And right now, that's not what life has to offer me...which is ok, as long as I remember to do things on my own to stay grounded! 

This afternoon I was able to get on my mat for an hour and really slow down. The class I chose to do focused on my predominate Vata dosha. I absolutely love my Gaia membership because of the variety of types of yoga/meditation classes I have on hand all the time. 

Today, this seemed like exactly what I needed, so I decided to try it out.

I will admit that I was anxious and ready to do a more difficult yoga class for the first 20 minutes. It wasn't a very difficult class so I found my mind wandering a lot and I felt annoyed by the poses designed to make me feel rooted and connected. 

But then... there was a shift. I was happy to be with my breath and stay with the movement. I love that about my yoga practice. There's always a lesson to be learned! 

It was a great class. I was reminded of how much I love to be connected and grounded in each present  moment. I was reminded of how easy it is to let your mind wander, but how much more peaceful it is to simply focus on the task at hand. 

And as usual, a part I cherish so much about spending time on my mat - is that my sweet critters come to lay with me as I practice. (Please notice Bear doing down dog - - he loveeessss to do down dog while I do yoga!)

I can't ask for much more than I already have! 

What do you do to stay grounded? 

Chicken Marinade Recipes To Freeze

March 10, 2017

One of the things on my to do list over spring break was to make some frozen meals to save me time during board prep (which is lurking right around the corner).

I found this amazing site and decided to try it out! I went to the store and bought enough ingredients to make two of each flavor. And now I have 14 chicken marinades ready to go whenever I want them!

Chicken marinade in progress! 
While it did take some time, it was delightfully easy. Label the freezer bag, throw in all the ingredients, marinade the chicken for 24 hours in the fridge, and then throw it in the freezer.

All you have to do is thaw it in the fridge overnight and bake at 425 F for 20-30 minutes. So easy! Cut up some veggies to bake at the same time and it's an easy, non-pizza kind of dinner :)

I'll let you know which ones I enjoy the most. M & I have tried the jerk chicken - it was delicious!

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