Staying Grounded

March 15, 2017

Life, as of lately, has been really out of control.
School is crazy. Family is crazy. Life. Just. Gets. Crazy. 

I really love routine. I love to have balance. I love to feel grounded. 
And right now, that's not what life has to offer me...which is ok, as long as I remember to do things on my own to stay grounded! 

This afternoon I was able to get on my mat for an hour and really slow down. The class I chose to do focused on my predominate Vata dosha. I absolutely love my Gaia membership because of the variety of types of yoga/meditation classes I have on hand all the time. 

Today, this seemed like exactly what I needed, so I decided to try it out.

I will admit that I was anxious and ready to do a more difficult yoga class for the first 20 minutes. It wasn't a very difficult class so I found my mind wandering a lot and I felt annoyed by the poses designed to make me feel rooted and connected. 

But then... there was a shift. I was happy to be with my breath and stay with the movement. I love that about my yoga practice. There's always a lesson to be learned! 

It was a great class. I was reminded of how much I love to be connected and grounded in each present  moment. I was reminded of how easy it is to let your mind wander, but how much more peaceful it is to simply focus on the task at hand. 

And as usual, a part I cherish so much about spending time on my mat - is that my sweet critters come to lay with me as I practice. (Please notice Bear doing down dog - - he loveeessss to do down dog while I do yoga!)

I can't ask for much more than I already have! 

What do you do to stay grounded? 

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