Monthly Update : February 2017

March 5, 2017

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  • My school has a contract with a company called Clinical Skills USA. Trained men and women come to our school to teach us how to do a male and female exam. It's an amazing experience to have someone coach you through how to do a pelvic, breast, and recital exam! We had small group sessions with both a male and a female instructor and they helped us feel comfortable with how to perform the exam well. I really enjoyed the experience and I'm grateful that when I go out on rotations, I will have the knowledge to perform all of those exams without feeling awkward or uncomfortable. 
  • Beach Body- I signed up for beach body on demand this past month and have been following a more consistent work out routine. I love their programming and I really love how flexible it is. Working out from home is what works for my schedule right now and I have a wide variety of workouts to choose from (in addition to yoga and meditation!)


  • I wasn't offered a position for the fellowship I applied for at my school. That was a downer, for sure. I'm still bummed about it, but I'm also incredibly happy for the people who were selected. All things happen for a reason :) 
  • My dad was admitted to the hospital and has been terribly illl. He hasn't been in good health for years before this either. I don't have the energy to discuss any of it in detail, but he has septic pulmonary emboli and will need several weeks of rehab. Medical care for the elderly is such a sticky mess. My brother and I are trying to handle things as best as we can, but more about all of that on another day. It's just been a whirl-wind with his poor health and trying to stay on top of my school work. 


  • I'm thrilled to have been invited to work on a paper for the JAOA with two faculty members at my school. It's a really fun assignment and I'm excited to share more about it as we finish things up! Stay tuned. 
  • Rotations begin in July this year. My school assigns rotations based upon a lottery system, which makes planning very difficult. I'm in the process of deciding where I want to be for my core rotation site. The lottery will be at the end of March and I will know by April 1 where I will be spending my third year. 


  • Life gets really crazy. I hope to remember all the kind things people have said and done for me during this insane month. Even the smallest things make a difference... I hope to remember to reach out and be as kind as possible when other people are dealing with tough things. Even the smallest gesture means a whole lot more than you realize! 
  • You only get one body. Treat it kindly. Feed it well. Move it often. Prevention really does make a difference in your health. 
  • Studying side by side with M. That's our daily norm. We're in a crazy season, but I still love being home with him and our pets working toward our goals. 

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