Monthly Update : April 2017

April 30, 2017


  • I finished up my second year of medical school. WHAT A WILD RIDE. I'll be writing an honest, in depth post about the first two years soon! I'm SO happy I made it. And I'm incredibly proud of myself. I'm quick to downplay things that I do, but these past two years have been the hardest so far. I'm seriously thrilled to say I made it through successfully! 
  • My blog got a new make over. I've been thinking about a new theme for my blog for quite some time, and this weekend, I finally got to do it! I used this blog theme from Etsy, and I can't recommend it enough! Eve (the Etsy owner) even offers a free installation of the theme. She was incredibly easy to work with and she helped me with everything I needed! 


  • The last three weeks of second year. WOOF. It was a lot of work finishing up all of my classes! BUT, I adore my classmates and great friends. Somehow we all got through it. 


  • Board prep. Time to finalize all the details of my study plan and start knocking out my studies! 


  • Even when you think you can't make it through the tough times, you just do. Sometimes you get through rough patches quite gracefully, and other times it's a struggle. Either way, I hope to remember that hard work and determination can get me through a lot. I remember starting medical school and not having a clue how I would ever get through it :) But you just do. 


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