Monthly Update : June 2017

July 10, 2017

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June was a rough month. I felt challenged mentally and emotionally on a daily basis. Studying for my board exams consumed every moment of my day and really pushed my limits. I plan to write more detailed posts about how I studied for my board exams, how I attempted to stay sane, and how I made efforts to take care of myself during that time. Stay tuned for that.
I finished Level 1 and Step 1 board exams by June 28 and M & I left for our road trip the next morning (more details in another post). Our time spent in the North Cascades away from the pace of our normal lives was much needed - and we toasted to our one year anniversary surrounded by some pretty incredible scenery. 

I'm slowly beginning to feel like a normal person again. We've been cleaning like crazy - getting ready for new roommates and starting to pack up my stuff to move for clinical rotations. 

I'm catching up on emails, blog posts, etc. Sleeping in, drinking coffee, playing with my pets, catching up with friends. Hopefully July will have a more exciting update :) 

But here are a few things I'll leave you with... 
  • THIS. THIS. THIS. I'm absolutely obsessed with these words. 
  • the 80/20 rule. I absolutely love this. M & I are trying to get rid of a lot of things - and downsizing ALWAYS feels good. My closet is about to be so much more enjoyable once I drop off all the good will items! 

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