Monthly Update : July 2017

August 6, 2017

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July was a much better month for me than June. I finished my board exams in June (thank goodness) and I had some time off in July. It was great to sleep, relax, see people I love, etc! It was still tough for me though, because I had to wait weeks to get my scores back from my board exams. Those weeks were filled with a lot of anxiety for me - but I'm absolutely thrilled that I passed my exams! I was so nervous I had M check my scores for me. But you guys, I did it! I don't ever have to retake my Step 1 or Level 1 exam EVER again. Phew!

Besides all the anxiety, I got to go to the Pacific Northwest to travel with M and celebrate our one year anniversary. Without any cell phone service, we had an amazing time camping, hiking, kayaking, and enjoying each other's company. After weeks of studying for boards, it was incredible to be able to give him my undivided attention and spend some quality time together.

I had one week of school in July to help prepare my class for clinical rotations and more than anything, it was great to spend time with my classmates after the stress of board exams were behind us. Then in the final week of July, I got all my stuff moved for clinical rotations, attended orientation at the hospital I will be working at, and said hello to the beginning of my clinical years of medical school!

I'm really looking forward to all the things I will be learning out on clinical rotations. It's beginning to feel like all my hard work is going to be worth it in the end!

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