Monthly Update : August 2017

September 10, 2017

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Better late than never - I am sharing my August update almost two weeks late. Oops!

August was a busy month, like most of them these days. August marked my first month of clinical rotations and I finished my first four weeks of inpatient psychiatry. I absolutely loved it! I'll write another post specifically related to psychiatry, but August was a good month of learning.

My grandmother passed away in August and I was able to attend her funeral with my family. I wrote a quick blurb about that here.  I'll always love you, grams! She will be missed by so many.

In the end of August, I took my first shelf exam - which is a standardized subject exam based on whichever rotation I just did. I took a test dedicated to psychiatry.

After that, I did a week of training at my school for my surgery rotation. We learned about all the surgical instruments, how to do hand ties, various suturing techniques, etc. It was a long and busy week at school, but I survived :)

I started my general surgery rotation on September 4 and will have three weeks of general surgery before moving on to a surgical specialty for another four weeks.

That was August in a nutshell!

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