Hi, I'm Tate!

I am a third year medical student and I just started my clinical rotations. It would make me the happiest woman to become a pediatrician and help adorable tiny humans!

I use this blog to document all the things I do throughout my time as a medical student (and potentially beyond!) Finding a balance during medical school is no small task, but perhaps some of what I figure out will be helpful to future medical students as well! I'll be writing about medical school (applications, acceptances, classroom work, clinicals), exercise (namely Beach Body and yoga, which keep me sane), food (meal planning, recipes, prep work), and all the life adventures that come along the way (vacations, weekends, spontaneous play dates).

Please feel free to drop me a line about anything and everything - I'd love to hear from you!

tatedoesthings (at) gmail (dot) com

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