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I grew up watching the movie Patch Adams and dreaming of becoming a fun, compassionate doctor.
After I graduated from college, my best friend, Liz, had the brilliant idea for me to find a way to meet Patch. I started doing some research and found this elective program at Gesundheit Institute. I immediately applied for the program and started making preparations to attend the one month medical elective program.
So, I headed out on a solo road trip to West Virgina at the end of September 2011 to meet my childhood idol!
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meeting Patch Adams
I attended the four week medical elective offered by Patch Adams and the Gesundheit Institute entitled “Humanistic Medicine: Constructing Your Humanism.”
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Humanism in Medicine Elective
I worked alongside Patch Adams, students, and board-certified physicians from all around the globe to learn about community building, the practice of compassion, and alternatives for patient healing.
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Learning about clowning and visiting the local hospitals
Lessons throughout the month emphasized the importance of the patient/physician relationship. I also witnessed the need for doctors in rural areas, particularly in the Appalachian valley where this training took place. This course improved my bedside manner, sparked an interest in rural medicine, and helped me develop interpersonal skills that will continue to help me as a doctor.
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Getting to know some fabulous people!

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